Patan 02bOA provided project management, training and capacity building to a local team surveying a large palace complex within the Patan Durbar World Heritage Site, Nepal, on behalf of UNESCO. The project was required to create a detailed record of the buildings in anticipation of the earthquake that did ultimately occur in April 2015. This record is now being used in the reconstruction of monuments damaged by the earthquake. The local team were very capable Nepali architects and they were taught about all aspects of metric survey, particularly use of a Total Station, and in draughting in CAD, and were able to create very detailed drawings of the palaces, in elevation and plan. While the project was successful, in that it provided detailed records of three of the four palaces, it was not able to record all the temples in Patan Square, of which two were destroyed during the earthquake. This highlights that there is a need to use modern rapid survey technology, similar to that being championed by OA, to provide detailed 3D records of all buildings that are under threat from natural or conflict disasters across the world.