Oxford Archaeology's fourth research seminar explores the settlements and landscapes of Roman Britain. It highlights work by OA on Roman rural settlements in both northern and southern England and investigates themes of organisation, economy, regionality, change and continuity, and interconnectedness, among others.

The live webinar, comprising a series of talks and subsequent discussion led by a panel of distinguished Romanists, was held on Thursday 24th March 2022. The titles of the individual talks were as follows:

  • Ken Welsh: Introduction to the session and panel members (3 mins)
  • Martyn Allen: Settlement and landscape in Roman Britain: a regional review of the Roman Rural Settlement Project (24 mins)
  • John Zant: Roman rural settlement in north-west England (18 mins)
  • Edward Biddulph: Roman rural settlement in southern England: a case study (22 mins)

The panel was chaired by Dr Lacey Wallace and included Eleri Cousins, Nick Hodgson, Paddy Lambert, Rachel Newman, and Steven Willis.

A video of the webinar is available to watch via YouTube or below:


A corndryer from Grove Airfield, Oxfordshire