The Stoke Quay excavation was one of the largest in Ipswich, and expectations for significant results were high. The site did not disappoint. It included some 1100 burials ranging in date from the late 9th/10th century to the late 15th century, associated with the medieval church of St Augustine. Earlier burials and settlement features dated from the heyday of ‘Gipeswic’ as a major Saxon port, and included a rare Ipswich ware pottery kiln and a pristine Saxon glass cup retrieved from a barrow grave.

The size of the burial population provided an excellent opportunity to investigate many aspects of medieval life and health using the latest scientific methods.

The Stoke Quay excavations were carried out in 2012, by Oxford Archaeology in partnership with Pre-Construct Archaeology (OA-PCA). The excavations took place in advance of a mixed retail and residential development. The work was commissioned by Ramboll UK on behalf of ISG Construction, which developed the site for Genesis Housing.