15th November 2021:

Cotswold Archaeology and Oxford Archaeology are pleased to announce that they are partnering on the further development of a web-based digital recording and mapping system for archaeological fieldwork

Building on pioneering work undertaken by Oxford Archaeology, the system will henceforth be jointly owned by the two charities, and they have committed to a programme to enhance the functionality and range of site data that can be ‘born digital’.

The initial iteration of the system is currently being used on joint venture projects delivered by Oxford Cotswold Archaeology (OCA) JV, such as High Speed 2 and Lower Thames Crossing, as well each partner’s individual projects.


Oxford Archaeology CEO Ken Welsh said: ‘The digital recording system has already proved its worth in the field, giving site teams the ability to focus excavation strategies far more effectively, as well as allowing a variety of stakeholders to engage more closely with our projects. This partnership with Cotswold Archaeology will mean the expertise and knowledge of both is available for an ambitious programme of further development. This will see the range of data captured widened and, importantly, will allow further integration of the system with post excavation processes, delivering real benefits to both partners.’

Cotswold Archaeology CEO Neil Holbrook said: ‘We are delighted to be partnering with Oxford Archaeology on the enhancement of the digital recording system. By combining the resources and expertise within two of the largest archaeological contractors in the UK we firmly believe that we can make rapid progress in the further development and customisation of the system, and thus improve the efficiency of our operations.'