6th May 2021:

Oxford Archaeology North is pleased to announce the publication of 'Farmers and Weavers', a monograph presenting the results of archaeological works at two important sites in the south-eastern corner of the Historic County of Lancashire, now part of Greater Manchester


Kingsway cover


Large-scale redevelopment at Kingsway Business Park, near Rochdale, and Cutacre Country Park, near Bolton, has provided an important opportunity to investigate the prehistoric and later rural landscapes of the area. A combination of archaeological techniques was been employed to explore the archaeology of these areas, principally comprising standing-building survey and open-area excavation, directed towards the investigation of 17 sites. Topographical survey and palaeoenvironmental coring were also used to examine the character of the early landscape.

Evidence for prehistoric and medieval activity was discovered within the two areas, although the majority of the remains investigated dated to the post-medieval and industrial periods. These latter remains relate to a range of different rural house types and farm buildings, built by the lesser gentry, and the yeoman and tenant farmers of the region.

This volume is the result of a multi-disciplinary approach to the archaeology, with the work of a range of authors from Oxford Archaeology and the University of Salford, and also several external specialists. The results greatly enhance an understanding of the archaeology of Greater Manchester, and, more generally, provide important information on rural settlement in north-west England.

Copies can be purchased from Oxbow books for £25.00 here!