15th July 2019:

Oxford Archaeology’s digital online library of archaeological reports and archives recently received its 5000th upload – a report on a watching brief at Saltworks Lane in Weston, Staffordshire

The library contains a vast selection of our unpublished archaeological reports (so-called grey literature), digital copies of our published monographs and occasional papers, primary archives, and even copies of our old newsletters, the earliest (so far) dating to 1978. New items continue to be added as fieldwork is completed and older, pre-digital reports are scanned and uploaded.

The creation and maintenance of the library have been led by OA’s Archive Department, and we would like to congratulate the department for reaching this milestone. We would also like to acknowledge staff members from all departments, and students involved in the OA Digitisation Initiative, for their assistence in scanning and preparing the reports for uploading.

The library (https://library.thehumanjourney.net/) can be searched by period (the library holds, for example, almost 900 items on Roman Britain), by county (there are over 1000 items on Oxfordshire) or by keyword. Click here to open the library and start discovering!