6th August 2018: An OA South excavation is the subject of an episode of a new television documentary series exploring the Vikings.

A mass grave of executed Vikings was found by OA South in 2009 during the construction of the Weymouth Relief Road in Dorset. It is now the subject of the second episode of the series  'Viking Dead' which airs on Yesterday TV tomorrow evening (Tuesday 7th August 2018) at 8pm.

The hour-long documentary called 'The Secret Viking Grave of Ridgeway Hill' features interviews with David Score, who managed the excavation, and OA's Head of Burials Archaeology, Dr Louise Loe.

You can find more information about the series 'Viking Dead' on the Yesterday TV website here. More information about the excavations and subsequent publicity can be found on the Oxford Archaeology website here.


OA's Head of Burials Archaeology, Louise Loe, giving an interview