12th September 2017:

Oxford Archaeology welcomed over 500 visitors to its stand at Oxford Castle last weekend as part of the Open Doors event organised by the Oxford Preservation Trust

There were lots of activities to keep people busy in the Key Learning Centre over the two days. Visitors helped solve the mystery of a burial dating to the time of the Civil War, which was discovered next to St Cross College away from proper burial grounds. Osteologists from Oxford University’s Institute of Archaeology were on hand to provide advice, while members of the public had fun trying to lay out a skeleton with our plastic teaching model and naming the bones.

Visitors were also able to examine our flint collection and learn how axes have developed over the last million years. Children became environmental archaeologists for the day, as they sorted small bones and artefacts from environmental samples. We also had a historic map on display for people to learn about the development of Oxford.

All in all, a very successful weekend.