9th August 2017:

OA South recently welcomed a postgraduate student from the University of Oxford, who spent a month as an intern in the Oxford office finding out about our work in the post-excavation department. Here she tells us what she got up to

I joined OA South through the OA/Oxford University School of Archaeology internship programme for a four-week stint in post-excavation. The internship is designed to give people who’ve recently completed their postgraduate studies an insight into how commercial post-excavation works. In my case, this meant site visits, working in a range of different areas (environmental, finds, archives, graphics) and dealing with plans, pottery and small finds from a late Iron Age transitional site, excavated some years ago and now being readied for publication.

Needless to say, the month seemed to go very quickly. It was an interesting, hands-on experience that helped me better understand the (many and various) stages between site and the final deposition at store, the considerations and decisions made along the way and also what post-ex needs from people in the field.

Thanks to everyone at OA South for their friendly welcome, patience and willingness to share their expertise. I hope to see everyone again in September, when I come back to OA South as a Graduate Trainee; I’ll be the one in blindingly new PPE!