21st July 2017:

A new study of the Horningsea Roman pottery industry has been published by East Anglian Archaeology

The volume, by Jeremy Evans, Stephen Macaulay and Philip Mills, was prepared under the direction of the post-excavation team at OA East, and is the culmination of a project that began in 1993 with the excavation of Car Dyke Roman canal in Cambridgeshire.

The book contains a comprehensive account of the Horningsea pottery industry, its chronology, typology and wares, and provides a commentary on Roman pottery supply in southern Cambridgeshire.

In addition, the study sheds light on the nature of the Roman fens and Romanisation, and on the role of the putative ‘imperial estate’ in the fenland. It also offers a complete chronology for the Roman canal at Waterbeach, formerly known as part of the Car Dyke. It is now clear that this did not form part of the same route as that found in Lincolnshire and that the Cambridgeshire section should henceforth be referred to by its ancient local name of Old Tillage.

The book is published as two volumes (volume 2 on CD) and available to purchase from Oxbow Books, priced £25.