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The library contains over 5000 items, which include grey literature reports, digital copies of our published monographs, and supporting primary archives. 

The library can be browsed by period or county, or you can carry out an advanced search to look for items by subject, type, title or other criteria. The library is being constantly updated with new reports and archives, so we hope you will visit regularly. 

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Featured items and searches

From Bridgehead to Brewery: The medieval and post-medieval archaeological remains from Finzel’s Reach, Bristol

This richly illustrated book presents the fascinating results from a major project to examine the heritage of Finzel’s Reach, the site of the former Courage and Bristol Breweries near the centre of one of England’s greatest port cities. Archaeological, geoarchaeological and historic building investigations have revealed a fascinating story of change and urban evolution at the site.

The archaeology of Norfolk

The library contains over 100 reports of sites investigated in Norfolk, which are listed in this search.