Solent Themes publication

Here at OA south we are holding a conference to celebrate the publication of the Solent-Thames Research Framework.

The Solent-Thames Research Framework was published in autumn 2014 and covers the counties of Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. The research framework is part of a series of publications supported by Historic England that covers the whole of England. The volume contains assessments for each period, followed by research aims and priorities for these periods and other multi-period themes.

Given that so many people contributed to the volume, and that the volume featured many significant sites, it was felt that it should be more formally launched. A conference is an ideal way to present the research themes with case studies from the regions, and so, somewhat belatedly, we are holding a full day conference to showcase how the aims and priorities of the framework are being implemented. It is a fantastic opportunity to learn about some of the most well known sites in this region and to hear about some of the lesser known, but no less important, ones.

Highlights will include Professor Mike Fulford speaking about Roman Silchester and Gareth Chaffey and Alistair Barclay talking about the Neolithic houses at the Horton site in East Berkshire. Sandy Kidd from Historic England will be talking about the use of the framework on large infrastructure projects, including HS2.

There will be our own Chris Hayden presenting findings from the Didcot site in Oxfordshire, Andy Manning from Wessex Archaeology will be giving the low down on the Palaeo- and Mesolithic sites of Berkshire, while Alex Smith will provide an overview of the Roman rural settlements of the region in line with his Leverhulme research project. Sessions on Neolithic sites on the Isle of Wight coast and the medieval villages of Berkshire also take their place, as will opportunities to discuss the research framework in light of the sites and topics presented.

The conference will provide an excellent opportunity to see the diverse and fascinating archaeological research taking place in the south of England and how it is contributing to our wider knowledge of the region and beyond.

The conference is free and will be held at the Meadow Suite, Reading University, on Saturday 28th November 2015.

For further information and to book a place please click here.