The gold mines at Rosia Montana Location of Rosia Montana

Project: Heritage audit and consultancy ahead of major mining operation

Client: RMGC (Canada)

Status: Project undertaken 2009-2012

Following a heritage audit in 2009, Oxford Archaeology returned between 2009 and 2012 to Roşia Montană, a proposed gold mine in Romania, which is being developed by Canadian mining company RMGC.

This project has provoked some international controversy in the past in terms of its cultural heritage impact, and we were asked to provide an independent review of the work that had been done and to comment on the future proposals.

It is a testament to OA's international reputation that we were chosen for this work, being selected after recommendation from within the sector to give a credible and authoritative perspective on the project.

The work OA undertook to understand the results of ten years of intensive fieldwork, 13 major excavations, extensive investigations of a network of Roman, medieval and modern gold mines, and a vast library of project documentation, was fascinating. If nothing else, the work revealed the huge importance of cultural heritage to communities.