Training the next generation

The archaeological profession is experiencing a shortfall in the number of experienced field archaeologists. To address this issue, OA has developed a widely-praised and award-winning graduate trainee scheme.

Key skills are excavation, data collection, good understanding and accurate recording of archaeological remains, and health and safety. Competence in primary processing techniques (e.g. environmental and finds processing) also forms part of the training, as does the completion of a CPD log. During the period of training, we anticipate that the graduate trainees will achieve the skills and knowledge necessary to undertake the role of an archaeologist with Practitioner of the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists (CIfA) grade responsibilities and remuneration.

The expected learning outcomes for the graduate trainees are laid out in a learning agreement. For the duration of their training each graduate trainee is allocated an experienced staff mentor. Wherever possible we deploy graduate trainees with their assigned mentor to the same site to facilitate continuous learning.


Supporting documents

Graduate Trainee personal training pack, which includes:

  • Guidance for archaeological fieldwork graduate trainees
  • Timescale and process for progression from graduate trainee to PCIfA level field archaeologist
  • Oxford Archaeology individual learning agreement
  • Oxford Archaeology personal learning record


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