Day 20 of Excavation

The last day of the dig is done! And so too must this blog end.

We couldnt have asked for better weather for this final day.  After a nice steady start to the day with the now traditional coffee and bacon and egg sandwiches, we ventured down to site for the mass cleaning operation.  A few people were still finishing off some last minute recording, but the main bulk of the crew were trowel and bucket in hand, working from one side of site to the other. This was all in order to take some overhead and final site photographs. I have to say when you guys had finished it looked fantastic!!.

So the doors to the open day closed around midday and we had a slightly later lunch.  Today was special, because Nicks wife Chris provided us with a brilliant authentic Roman cuisine buffet.  Everyone tucked in with relish (Roman style of course). So thank you so much Chris for organising this meal. It really rounded off a lovely dig.

Then we came on to the emotional bit :).  The digging crew had a collection and got all of us staffers a really beautiful replica Roman pot each! Totally unexpected and very much appreciated. We really couldnt believe it. We must have been doing something right :)

David also got a pot, but as a special gift for running the show was presented with a tile signed by all the volunteers on one side and erm……lets just say a typically Roman image on the reverse side!  Brilliant.  He was also presented with a lovely card from Steves girls and Wendy also provided us with gifts from the kiln. What an amazing bunch of people you are!

We went down onto site for one last time after lunch to take some group photographs (see above) and then people started to make their way home.

A few of us will be back over the next few days to take down the tents and wrap up the miles of orange fencing, so thanks to you in anticipation.  But I will now take this opportunity just to thank absolutely everyone involved.  I think this has run perfectly and everyone seems to have really had a great time. If that is the case then we as staff could not ask for more. We have achieved what we set out to do.  You have a fabulous community around the allotments and from the people that came from further afield.  When you get to see that in action, it tends to renew your faith in humankind. So thank you for that and just a great big thank you once again to everyone. It has been an absolute pleasure.

Lets hope we see you all again soon!


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