Day 16 of Excavation

Today has been a very long day for us staffers. But equally it has been great fun and well worth the effort.  Another wet day meant no digging in the villa trench. We are at too critical a point now to risk messing up the site, damaging the archaeology or risking any injuries to our lovely volunteers.

So instead we moved all of our attention to our second trench to the south of the villa. This is the one discussed yesterday concerning the terracing of the land outside the villa, with retaining walls and cobbled surfaces.  We decided it was safe enough in here and also with it just being mostly garden soil under foot we would not be harming the archaeology.  So we chose to step out our 2 test pits and make them larger. So today has mostly been about bulk shifting soil. On a cold and wet day like today this was probably the best thing we could be doing, if only to keep warm!

As well as this, the usual pot washing continued apace and David contended with the weather and another 60 school children.  What a hearty bunch we all are! :)

The difference in todays programme came after 3.00pm, when the volunteers made their weary ways home and the staffers prepared for an open evening!  After a splendid fish and chip dinner we set about making site ready for whoever would turn up. I have to say we were not overly hopeful considering the weather conditions and England playing football this evening, but we were pleasantly surprised. We had around 20 visitors and did 6 site tours between us. Could have been a lot worse! So thanks to all who showed their faces this evening and kept our collective chins up.


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