Day 14 of Excavation

So exactly 2 weeks into the dig now. Where has the time gone?  With still so many questions to answer, we as the staffing team have been trying to work on specific areas that will hopefully yield some answers.

Where Sasha and Amanda were working yesterday, Robert and Ian have taken over to continue the search for more wall. So far they are coming up trumps and the walls continue to grow. Nick is going in the opposite direction and he too is find some very substantial structure and we possibly have at least 3 phases of the bath house now! Go team!!

Josephine is continuing on the current southern extent and she and Brian are also finding more possible walls. So hopefully soon we will have a fairly good idea of the plan of this building, but by all accounts its pretty big!

As well as digging, David and Terry had to cope with 3 school visits today, totalling some 90 children! Brave men!  They all seemed to be having a fantastic time though and hopefully if we can just instil in a few that passion for history then we have done our job.

There was also some recording and photographing of features on site today, so more strings for people to put on their archaeological bow.

Now we have our targeted areas we can once again set about them tomorrow and hopefully, just hopefully as the time starts to ebb away we will be able to share with you something magnificent.

See you tomorrow!


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