adele jug



Going jug crazy!

We're nearing the end of our dig at Harvest Way, and although we're now digging a comparitively small area of the site, we're still pulling out some choice finds. We're now mostly excavating wells. Adele and Pete just pulled this complete (unbroken) Medieval jug out of the bottom of a well (right). It's very unusual to find whole pots - mostly because people only throw something away if it's stopped serving a useful purpose, i.e. it's broken. Maybe this one was dropped into the bottom of the well by accident?




daria jug





Not to be outdone, Daria also found this Medieval jug (left). 









Finds continue to come into the office in droves, but our volunteers are now mostly washing Medieval pottery and bone rather than Victorian china. This guinea fowl skull is one of our choice finds - about 10cm across it would have made a very small but tasty meal for somebody in the 18th century!