Day 9 of Excavation

Another dreary day, brought more finds washing for our hearty band of volunteers in afraid. However from now on in the weather is meant to take a turn for the better so lets hope we can get out there and dig some holes!!

As well as finds washing, we continued to try and keep our team entertained with talks and copious amounts of tea. Throughout the day OAE staff member Rhiannon has been taking groups of around 6 to one side for a practical talk on section drawing. This is one of the most important and frequently used elements of the archaeological recording process so we thought it a good idea to show it to the group.

At lunchtime volunteer Rick gave a great presentation on the uses of aerial photography and map regression and how it can be facilitated by archaeologists.  Having worked in this sector for a good couple of decades in the RAF he was definitely the chap for the job!

We did manage to venture out as far as the spoil heaps today too, when the drizzle abated.  This just gave people the chance to stretch their legs and have a bit of a hunt about for treasures we may have missed during cleaning.

So hopefully tomorrow the weather will do us a favour and we can really get stuck in again. However you will have to do it without myself for company as I have a day off.  I probably should get a little sleep before I return on Friday, as I have just managed to put my dirty laundry in the fridge!  

Have a fabulous day tomorrow and find beautiful things!


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