The Fane Road excavation has started! Two blogs, photos and regular updates can be found here: I will be reposting some of the articles here.

Day 7 of Excavation

fane road 1And before we know it, it is Monday again!  After some early morning showers,the rain stopped and we had a near perfect day for digging.  Being the start of a new week and also both Bank Holiday and Half term holiday we were pretty much fully booked, with a healthy number of new people, and some stalwarts from the last week too.

Mattocks came out again to start taking down some areas to the south of the site, where we believe we have more bath house, and possible walls are starting to show themselves. A really good clean of the area is needed to see if we can make a building out of them now.  Also in the same area, we are getting very large numbers of Tesserae, thust proving the presence of a tessellated floor somewhere close by.  Walls are also coming up to the north of the site, also probably related to the bath house.

To the north east, where we had our star pot find, more is coming out and it is at the latest Iron Age so we are pushing back the story for the development of the site.

And as usual, Terry had his merry band of pot washers busy as we keep bringing in finds by the barrow full!

At lunch, we managed to squeeze in 2 talks.  The first was by long serving volunteer Phil about Phosphate analysis and the part that plays in Archaeology. The other talk was from OAE team member Steve and how we plan sites in Archaeology. This is now getting more significant, as we are getting to the stage of needing to do this, so everyone got the chance to learn a bit about how it happens. Putting it into practice will soon be happening too.

So Tomorrow is another day, and no doubt another busy one too.  But also im sure a most enjoyable one.  See you all tomorrow.