Excavation at Harvest Way is beginning to come to a close. Many of the areas are being backfilled as we concentrate on the eastern and southern areas of the site. Top discovery this week is this 14th century clay-lined feature. It has an inlet for water on one side and a possible outlet near the bottom on the other side. Since the site is near the Abbey, who were likely to be big sheep farmers, this could have been used for washing fleeces or had some other role in wool processing. Alternatively it could have been used for retting flax for linen making.







Finds continue to come into the office in droves. One of the nicest finds this week has been this carved bone object. Theories abound as to what it was used for! One theory is that it was used as a spillikin for the game Cribbage. Another suggestion is that it was used as a sewing bodkin (a 'stiletto') for making eyelets, although it does not seem to have enough wear on it to suggest that use. Others think it may have been used in lace making. What do you think?





We have also found two dominoes: this 3/3 domino, and a 3/0 domino. We're hoping to find the full set!








Finally, here's a nice example of some of the Post-Medieval pottery we have been uncovering. This piece of pottery is the bottom of a Spode Geranium 1 pudding bowl. The pattern was designed in 1818.