More wells and quarry pits are being uncovered at Harvest Way. John has been excavating this Medieval well containing pottery and half a sheep skull uncovered at the bottom of the brick-lined cellar.





We continue to uncover huge quantities of finds, mostly dating to the post-medieval periods, but also some earlier finds. This bone needle came out of a pit - see the gloved hands for scale. Since it is quite large, wide, and the eye is also quite large, we suspect this was not used for sewing textiles, but as a netting needle. Maybe this once created fishing nets used in the Cam! We suspect it isn't very old (c.2-300 years old) since the bone is quite 'fresh' compared to older bone artefacts.




Another cellar is currently being uncovered, and has produced vast quantities of finds, mostly creamware pottery. One of our finds specialists is currently piecing together pottery fragments as 3D jigsaws to find out exactly how much pottery we have! These clay pipes (left) came from the cellar. Archaeologists regularly uncover broken stems of clay pipes, but we less commonly find the pipe bowls, so this has been a good discovery. These pipe bowls can be accurately dated according to shape and decoration.





This creamware lid was also found in the cellar. It would have been one of a pair, placed on top of a complementary dish. A fish would have been placed on top of this platter, and the juices would have dripped through into the bowl beneath.





This Cistercian-type ware has also been uncovered: two cups and a jug. This pottery marks the transition to people making and using pottery cups: prior to this we suspect people were using wooden cups, or multi-purpose pottery items.