OA East worked with Village Colleges in Cambridgeshire to engage young people in archaeology through successful Young Roots Heritage Lottery Fund projects.

Two of the most successful projects were “Linton In Layers” in 2009 with Linton Village College and “Monks Down Under” with Abbey College, Ramsey in 2010.  Both projects were run by David Crawford-White, the OA East Outreach Officer, supported by OA East fieldstaff.

At both Linton and Ramsey, pupils were helped to develop their own projects, displays, artwork and project outcomes researching the past of their colleges, as well as taking part in test pit excavations and surveys. OA East staff led training sessions and talks on archaeology and history at the colleges.

Young Roots is aimed at young people aged 11-25 and can offer archaeologists an opportunity to work with children of secondary school age, when more often archaeology is linked to primary schools.