Solent-Thames Regional Resource Assessment

These Regional Resource Assessments summarise what is already known for each period. A series of figures show the topography and the distribution of key sites.


Environmental Introduction

Lower and Middle Palaeolithic Resource Assessment

Upper Palaeolithic and Mesolithic Resource Assessment

Neolithic and Early Bronze Age Resource Assessment

Late Bronze Age and Iron Age Resource Assessment

Roman Resource Assessment

Early Medieval Resource Assessment

Later Medieval Research Assessment

Post-medieval and Modern Resource Assessment


Figure 1: Administrative areas map

Figure 2: Topography of the Solent-Thames region

Figure 3: Solid Geology map

Figure 4: Topographic Zones

Figure 5: Lower and Middle Palaeolithic Sites

Figure 6: Upper Palaeolithic and Mesolithic Sites

Figure 7: Key Neolithic and Early Bronze Age Sites

Figure 8: Key Late Bronze Age and Iron Age Sites

Figure 9: Key Romano-British Sites and Roads

Figure 10: Key Early Medieval Sites

Figure 11: Key Later Medieval sites

Figure 12: Key Post-medieval and Modern Sites and Roads

Figure 13: Distribution of Canals and Railways