Upland Peats Management Assessment

Oxford Archaeology North (OA North) was commissioned by English Heritage to conduct a study to investigate archaeology within areas of upland peat. The project was set up in response to the recognition that the most extensive peatlands in the UK are within the uplands, that they protect a significant archaeological resource, and that this resource is under threat, particularly at the peat edges. This study was intended to assess the impact of the threats upon the resource and to investigate methodologies that can address the major issue of site visibility within peatland landscapes. The over-arching aim of the project was to develop an effective and efficient management strategy that can be applied to upland peat landscapes throughout England, and, indeed, in similar environments elsewhere.

Upland Peats - Management Assessment: Volume 1 - Revised Final Report

Upland Peats - Management Assessment: Volume 2 - Case Studies and Appendices