June saw the publication of Landscape and prehistory of the East London wetlands, by Liz Stafford with Damian Goodburn and Martin Bates. This Oxford Archaeology monograph presents the results of investigations along the A13 trunk road through three East London boroughs.

Among other Neolithic evidence, such as flint tools and pottery, the fieldwork uncovered a Whitby jet belt slider, which attests to long-distance exchange networks, and a rare cache of charred emmer wheat, which provides significant evidence for early prehistoric cereal cultivation.

The greatest concentration of activity, however, dated to the 2nd millennium BC, and included waterlogged wooden structures and trackways, burnt mounds and other evidence associated with wetland edge occupation.

Extensive geoarchaeological and palaeoenvironmental sampling provided an important record of landscape evolution, and raises a number of issues regarded the interaction of local communities with the natural environment.

The book costs £25 and is available through Oxbow Books.